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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get asked from our customers regarding our business and services.

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1. Why should my wedding be videotaped?

There is nothing like reliving your special day on video. You are so busy getting married that you are prone to miss the special moments of you and your family.

We like to pose the following question to the bride and groom.

"If I told you right now that I have the wedding of your parents or grandparents on DVD, how much would you pay for it. $2,000, $4,000 or even $10,000? Whatever amount you come up with is the value that you place on a special video such as this. How would it make you feel to see your parents or grandparents getting married? In the years to come, would your kids and grandkids like to see you getting married. We think so! We feel it's important to preserve those memories, not just for you but for your children as well."

2. Why should I pay for a pro video when my friends, parents or relatives can tape it with
their camcorders?

Even with access to high-end camcorders by the general public, most friends and relatives don't have the training or experience as well as the equipment of a professional wedding videographer. A professional wedding videographer has experience with all types of wedding ceremonies and special events. There is only once chance to get it right. The professional will set up and capture clearer audio than a well-meaning friend with a camcorder. Special attention is paid to angles, sound quality, as well as content. We have no problem with other guests videotaping as long as they do not interfere with our efforts.

3. Won’t the cameramen be obtrusive and disruptive?

We have heard horror stories of bright lights during the ceremony and wedding videographers stepping right up between the minister and the couple. The kindest compliment anyone ever gave us was "I never even saw you all day." Godina Video Productions makes every effort to record your wedding unobtrusively and tastefully, using no lights at the ceremony, remaining stationary and silent throughout, and using a documentary style in all of our taping. The advent of digital cameras allows us to shoot with minimal lighting, and we mean minimal. 

4. Aren't all wedding videos the same?

There's no standard certification procedure. There is a wide variety of styles. Evaluate candidates based on their work, their references, and their unique style. In addition, the best for you may not be the most expensive, on the other hand it may not be the cheapest quote either. The best way to come to a decision is to meet with your wedding videographer and discuss what your needs are. A price quote alone can result in hiring a wedding videographer that may not live up to your expectations.

5. How should I choose a videographer?

It’s a fact of life that price plays a key role in determining your selection of vendors, and there is a photographer and videographer for every budget. Once you determine your spending limit, then you can begin to evaluate your vendors for quality, experience and compatibility. Also, 2 cameras should be used for the ceremony, as well as professional microphones and lighting equipment. Ask your prospective wedding videographer what equipment he or she will use at your wedding, and specifically who will be operating that equipment. Ask to see a sample of that person’s work. Don’t merely watch promotional videos - ask to see actual weddings with actual sound, preferably taped in the same locations as your upcoming event. See our packages page. We are confident we have a wedding package for you that will fit your budget.

6. Are your shooting hours really unlimited?

Yes, only on the condition that you have an itinerary for your wedding. From our experience a wedding with an itinerary is more likely to be on schedule and things run much more smoothly. We're sure all the vendors you hired for your wedding day would appreciate that!

7. How much do you tape and how long will the video be?

At Godina Video Productions we will do our professional best to deliver a video to you that will hold your interest throughout the entire tape. We know that your wedding tape will be something you will want to watch over and over again. We offer wedding video packages that will capture your ceremony and reception only, your ceremony and approximately 1 hour of your reception, or if you desire, your entire reception. In all cases, we will give you a video production that captures your event as well as your attention. The final, edited tape varies in length. Our Basic Package video will run about 1 1/2 hours. This estimate depends on which package you select and the length of your service and how much fun you have at the reception. The more energetic your party is, the more tape we record.

It's all too easy to record everything and end up with a tape that runs 3 or 4 hours. The sign of an amateur videographer is someone who offers you 2 full video tapes of your wedding and reception. Think to yourself, "When was the last time I sat down and watched a great 4 hour movie?" Your wedding video, like a really good movie, should be enjoyable to watch, not only the first time, but, again and again.

8. Will my photographer and a videographer work together?

Wedding videography is relatively new, only coming into its own in the past ten years. Wedding photography, on the other hand, has been around for almost 150 years! Generally, photographers and videographers get along just fine. In our own experience, we have even become close friends with our colleagues, and problems have been few and far between.

You should be aware that there are still some photographers that resent the rapid onslaught video has made on the market. One time a photographer returned the deposit to his client when it was discovered that a videographer had been hired. Remember: your photographer and videographer are working for YOU on YOUR wedding day, so be sure to let ALL of your vendors know exactly what level of cooperation YOU expect. Your wedding day is not the time for a clash of artistic egos.

9. Should I sign a contract?

A contract protects both you and the wedding videographer and should be comprehensive and clear. Don’t hire any professional with merely a verbal agreement. A contract signed by both parties reserves your wedding date.

10. Will you use wireless microphones?

We use wireless mics as often as possible. We usually give one mic to the officiant, kneeler or attach it to the mic stand that is being used for the room and put another on the reader stand. Only as a last resort will we put a mic on the groom. In some cases we encounter interference with the Church or Synagogue system or stray radio transmissions. In such cases we run secure mic cable and tape it down so it does not get in the way.

11. What if my church has restrictions on video?

It is the client’s responsibility to find out if there are any restrictions on photography and videography wherever the event takes place and to notify us well in advance. Many churches and synagogues have guidelines, such as no flash photography and no moving around during the ceremony and understandably so. The place of worship is not a television studio.

Most officiants realize the importance of video to the bride and groom and their respective families.

Godina Video Productions asks for access to the site of the ceremony 1 hour prior to the scheduled starting time in order to set up our cameras and microphones and to make a proper test of all the equipment. It is our experience that churches sometimes fail to schedule enough time between events, so be sure to find out exactly how much time you will have access to the site before and after the ceremony. Photographers, videographers, florists and other vendors need sufficient time to do their best work.

12. Are your prices negotiable?

Our prices are based upon the high quality of work that we do and therefore are not negotiable. We offer a number of Wedding Packages to fit your budget. We encourage you to shop around and compare, but please LOOK at the actual work, don’t just shop by phone.

13. Will you attend the rehearsal?

Godina Video Productions will come to the rehearsal only for our highest package, "Package C." For the smaller packages, if the rehearsal is close to our office location we will attend.

14. What should I look for in a professional videotape?

The picture and sound should be crystal clear. The titles should look professional and be easily read. The DVD menu should be professional as well. The production should be tightly and tastefully edited, making the tape more enjoyable to watch than real time raw footage. Special effects should be enhancements to the production and not appear "gimmicky". The most important element to shop for is the actual wedding videographer, whose experience and talents are what you really want.

15. Do I have a choice of music?

Yes, you can use whatever music you please. We request that you provide all music to be used (preferably on CD) and assume all responsibility in respect to copyright laws. The number of musical selections will vary according to which options you choose for your video.

16. Should I provide a meal for the videographers?

We are on the job for sometimes up to 8 - 10 hours between the time we arrive at the church and the time we leave the reception. We do require that you privide us with a meal and if possible to provide it quickly so that we are ready to work again at a moment’s notice. Don’t feed your vendors last because you will probably want shots of the newly married couple as they greet their guests at the tables.

17. What about those obtrusive interviews?

We leave it up to you whether you want interviews or not. Usually we circulate before and after dinner and get comments from your guests. We never surprise the guests with a live mic, but approach them and ask if they have a few words to say.

18. When will I get my finished videotape?

Normal production time is 2-3 months after the event. We encourage everyone to gather all photos for the Photo Montage as well as all musical selections and have them to us before the wedding date, otherwise we find that if you wait until after the event to get these materials to us it results in unnecessary delays.

19. Can you send me a sample demo?

Yes, go to our contact page and send us an email with all your information.

20. How come you don't charge by the hour like many videographers?

We understand that on your wedding day you have a million things going on and the last thing you want to worry about is what time the videographer will be leaving. You think to yourself, "Is everything on schedule?", "Will the videographer be able to capture the cake cutting?" Depending on the package you select we are flexible with time and stay on the job until we capture the video based on your package.




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