There are many special events we wish we could remember forever and your wedding day is one of them. We provide videography & photography services all over southern california to cover all your weddings needs to assure that the most important things of those memories, the emotions, the joy and the happiness can be relived for years to come.

Godina Videography & Photography uses the latest digital recording and editing technology available and are dedicated to providing friendly and personalized service. We have different video & photo packages and a package that includes both services.

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Ontario California Wedding Videos

If you are looking for a wedding videos in Ontario California then contact Godina Video Productions. Your wedding is a special event that you will want to remember forever. A wedding video will capture the most important memories, the emotions, the joy and the happiness of your special day. The wedding video can be relived for years to come.

Godina Video Productions uses the latest digital recording and editing technology available and are dedicated to providing friendly, personalized service to ensure the highest quality professional videos that capture all of the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding day. Our videographers are available throughout Ontario California.

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Wedding Videography Tips

With all the excitement, you run the risk of missing out on the most precious moments of your wedding day. For this reason, you won't regret hiring a wedding videographer. When it's all over, you can linger over all the delightful moments, marvel at how great you look, and rewind the funny parts as many times as you want. Before you holler "lights, camera, action!" be sure to keep the following in mind:


The number of cameras does not affect editing capacity or quality. Most weddings are shot with one camera, and skilled videographers can make a one-camera wedding appear to have been shot with multiple cameras, but you should request two. For best results, you'll want a videographer who uses a digital camera.


Shooting Style: Digital video cameras are the most common, and really are the industry standard today.


A digital video-editing system will produce crisp, professional-looking footage. The newest trend is Non Linear editing, which means that the original footage is captured on a computer hard drive, edited, and then output back to VHS tape or DVD. This new method allows the videographer to more smoothly create captivating transitions between scenes, dynamic titles, and 3D special effects. Keep the final, edited version of your video to around an hour. Trust us, anything longer will be overdose.


A "lighting assistant" is typically not an available option. Generally, videographers use on-camera lights. However, some situations do require additional lights. In those circumstances, your videographer can offer suggestions on what would work best for you.


Weddings not held in a church or temple translate especially well on video because videographers have more creative liberties. Outdoor weddings in parks or family backyards afford camera people more freedom to operate. Also, weddings that are held at a banquet hall or hotel afford the crew the ability to set up in the best locations and get the shots bride and groom want.


Sound: UHF (ultra-high frequency) microphones and mini-disc recorders have made audio reproduction significantly better than in years past.


Prices: Typical prices range start at about $1200, and go up from there. An important cost variable is the number of camers used for the ceremony and reception. Contract particulars, such as starting time, ending time, number of videos or DVD's provided, and payment terms will vary from one studio to another. It's important to have a clear, understandable contract.


Provide your videographer with snapshots of you two of you during your dating days and a list of favorite songs, newspaper clips, poems -- anything that may add to the dimension of the final, edited video.


Insist that your videographer carry a backup camera on wedding day, in case he or she encounters problems with the main camera.


Make sure extra copies are part of your videography package. Quantity and price should be included in the overall fee, itemized at around $50 each.

Our videographer will personally review your wedding day wishes together so you and your fiancé will receive a wedding video that is a reflection of your individual personalities. Each wedding video is uniquely videotaped and edited to create the perfect memory of your special day.

All of our wedding videos are delivered in DVD format. If you need copies in VHS format we would be happy to accommodate your request. We realize that every wedding is different that's why we can customize any package to suit your needs.

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