There are many special events we wish we could remember forever and your wedding day is one of them. We provide videography & photography services all over southern california to cover all your weddings needs to assure that the most important things of those memories, the emotions, the joy and the happiness can be relived for years to come.

Godina Videography & Photography uses the latest digital recording and editing technology available and are dedicated to providing friendly and personalized service. We have different video & photo packages and a package that includes both services.

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Rancho Cucamonga Wedding Videos

Wedding videos are what Godina Video Productions does best in Rancho Cucamonga. Your wedding video is a special event that you will want to remember forever. A wedding video will capture the most important memories, the emotions, the joy and the happiness of your special day. The wedding video can be relived for years to come.

Godina Video Productions uses the latest digital recording and editing technology available and are dedicated to providing friendly, personalized service to ensure the highest quality professional videos that capture all of the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding day. Our videographers are available throughout Rancho Cucamonga.

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Your Videographer: Finding One

Is your knowledge of video limited to clunky cameras and blinding bright lights? Like sequins, ruffles, and big hair, this part of the wedding process has also evolved. Today's wedding videos are shot with lightweight, high-tech digital cameras that require less light, making them less obtrusive and more mobile. The editing process is more streamlined, as well, allowing wedding videographers to turn out a wedding video that flows like a feature film. To find the "director" for your wedding story, follow these tips:

  • Solicit suggestions from friends with tear-jerker videos.
  • Get recommendations from wedding photographers, caterers, florists, or consultants.
  • Check wedding sections in regional or city newspapers and magazines. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau before contracting with an unknown videographer.
  • Be sure you're looking at footage that the videographer who will be shooting your wedding shot, not that of other professionals who work at the same studio.
  • When reviewing demo tapes or DVDs, be sure the images are clear and that the lighting is not too dim or harsh.
  • Listen closely: How is the sound quality? Can you understand what everyone is saying? Does the music compliment or overwhelm the visuals? How extensive is the videographer's library of musical selections?
  • Are the transitions and special effects smooth? Do they enhance or clutter the story?
  • Note your chemistry with the videographer: Does he or she make you feel at ease?
  • After you leave the studio, call references and ask: Did the videographer capture the most important aspects of the wedding? Was he or she a positive presence throughout the day? Overall, were they happy with the final tape?

Our videographer will personally review your wedding day wishes together so you and your fiancé will receive a wedding video that is a reflection of your individual personalities. Each wedding video is uniquely videotaped and edited to create the perfect memory of your special day.

All of our wedding videos are delivered in DVD format. If you need copies in VHS format we would be happy to accommodate your request. We realize that every wedding is different that's why we can customize any package to suit your needs.

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